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Aircraft Charter, lease, and sale

Finding the right fit by asking the right questions...

Charter brokers, fractional ownership, hourly flight cards…so many options, but which one is the right one for you?  The world of aircraft charter has become a maze of options and without inside knowledge you could be paying more for your private aircraft than is necessary.  With JPI, we will steer you in the right direction whether it is fractional ownership, charter, time card purchase or full aircraft ownership. Send us your request and make the comparison knowing that our cost will be all inclusive with no hidden costs after the charter or lease. Aircraft types available for charter:

  • Large cabin airliners (capacity up to 403 passengers)
  • Large executive jet (capacity from 10-19 passengers)
  • Mid size executive jet (capacity from 5-9 passengers)
  • Small executive jet (capacity from 4-8 passengers)
  • Turboprop aircraft (capacity from 4-8 passengers)
  • Helicopters
AVAILABLE FOR LEASE: 2008 Challenger 300 (pictures)

FOR SALE: 1984 G-III $3M (pictures)


FOR SALE: 1973 G-II $1M (pictures: interior / exterior)

FOR SALE: 1981 King Air F90 $1,050,000 (pictures)


FOR SALE: 1976 Piper Navajo $295,000 (pictures)



Are you being held back becuse you cannot find a large aircraft to lease or charter?  JPI can assist you with matching up your needs to the right aircraft.  With many options to choose from we have the ability to provide a wide range of passenger requirements.  These aircraft can be chartered for a single round trip or leased for longer term contracts.  Our quotes will include the cost of aircraft, crew, maintenance, insurance, and fuel.  Full catering and other options are also available.  Do you have a need for:

  • Pilgrimage flights
  • School trips (bands, athletic teams, field trips, etc)
  • Sporting events
  • Airline fleet support

JPI and our operations partner are fully authorized and licensed to operate worldwide.* Submit your Letter of Intent / Interest now and get a quote from the aircraft operator. Stop paying broker commissions and put more revenue on your company's bottom line.

*Operations to Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Pakistan, and Afghanistan are prohibited at this time.  All U.S. State and Commerce Department directives will be complied with.