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Clear skies ahead...

  • Tired of wasting time and effort with various vendors trying to get fuel supply with no results?
  • Looking to charter an aircraft for an upcoming family vacation, but don't know where to start?
  • Worried that your charter flight is costing you more than expected and finding non-existent, or just inexperienced support staff?
  • Turning down flight opportunities because you are unable to locate large body aircraft?

At JPI we understand your time is just as valuable as money. Your company's continued success is our goal. Your personal safety, security, and happieness it our highest priority. Top efficiency, productivity, and profits are priorities for every company. Let JPI help make a positive, productive impact with your company or travel experience. See what JPI can do to give you the best possible service. What is your time worth?

There is no reason to pay high prices to obtain a successful result:

JPI's focus is your success. We will help you succeed providing professional services that include:

  • Jet and diesel fuel supply
  • Corporate aircraft charter
  • Large body and commerical aircraft charter
  • Aircraft sales and lease
  • International Operations seminars and presentations